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Congratulations, Drew!

Drew Teer, a fourth-year graduate student in the lab, received a research award from the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation!


Study Looks at How the Brain Judges Fault and Punishment

NPR - 8/5/14
How do we decide punishment? A new brain imaging study published by Nature Neuroscience looked at how our brains choose punishments based on guilt.
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The Neuroscience of Effort

Wired - 5/17/12
While writing this post, I will get bored. I will get tired of looking at these words and crave a distraction. And so I will click away from this page and head somewhere else, amusing myself with a totally irrelevant website.
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Brain’s Dopamine May Explain Why Some Are Slackers At Work

CBS News - 5/2/12
Brain chemistry might explain why some workers are "go-getters" and others are "slackers," a new study shows. The study found people who just won't give up when working may be aided along by extra dopamine in the brain's motivation centers...
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The Brain Chemical That Could Make You a Better Worker

MarketPlace - 5/2/12
So we all know that some people are more motivated to work hard than others -- whether in school or at the office. Well, a new study has discovered a possible clue as to what sets the worker bees apart from the frequent snack-break takers.
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Slacker or Go-Getter? Brain Chemical May Tell

LiveScience - 5/1/12
What gives you the motivation to go the extra mile for a promotion or a perfect test score? It may be your levels of a brain chemical called dopamine. Researchers have found amounts of this chemical in three brain regions determine if a person...
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